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The best way to purchase a photo is to call (970-702-4371) or email (glenn@glennlewisphotography.com) me. I'm happy to discuss all the different options - sizes, materials, frames, shipping, etc. Limited edition prints can only be purchased by calling or emailing me. Unlimited edition prints can be purchased on the website, but the prices are higher than if you contact me directly.

My photos are available on aluminum, paper, and Lumachrome acrylic. If you saw me at an art show, the majority of the work was shown on aluminum. There is no limit to the number of paper, and small aluminum and Lumachrome acrylic prints sold. Larger metal and Lumachrome acrylic prints, however, are strictly limited to particular numbers, depending on the size. The larger the metal or Lumachrome acrylic print, the smaller the number available. These limited edition prints are delivered with a signature and edition number in the lower, right-hand corner, unless you specifically request for this to be omitted.

Below, you will find instructions for determining the available sizes for each of my photos, as well as a table that can be used to determine prices. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me.


Glenn Lewis


(970) 702-4371

Determining the Sizes in Which a Photo is Available

When you find a picture you like and click on it, it will fill the window, as shown below.

Move the cursor to the title of the photo (lower left corner of the photo) or to the three horizontal lines (upper left portion of the screen), both circled in red. Clicking on either of these will show more text, including a brief story about the picture, and the sizes in which it is available to order.

Note that the shape of this photo is "Rectangle B." Knowing the shape will make reading the tables below easier. Let's say you are interested in purchasing this photo at 30" x 20". The table below highlights the shape "Rectangle B," and the size 30" x 20", to help you understand.

2019 Prices

Note that "Rectangle B" and 20" x 30" have been circled (in red) to continue with the example from above. A 20" x 30" dye-infused aluminum print costs $425 with a 0.5" float frame, $449 with a 0.75" inset frame, or $525 with a 1.25" inset frame. It is also available on paper for $99, or on Lumachrome Acrylic for $899. This photo is strictly limited to an edition of 75 at 20"x30".

About the Different Materials

Dye-Infused Aluminum

Aluminum is my best-selling medium. Prints on aluminum are incredibly sharp, and the bright colors that appear so frequently in my photography really pop in a way that has to be seen in person to be believed. They are light weight, scratch resistant, and fade resistant. They ship with a mounting system on the back, which means they arrive on your doorstep, ready to hang.

Aluminum prints with all edges equal to or greater than 16" are limited editions, which means they are strictly limited to particular numbers of prints ever being made, and come with a signature and edition number in the lower, right hand corner, unless you specifically request that it be omitted. Delivery times for aluminum prints in the lower 48 States is about two weeks, but can take up to three weeks, with larger prints taking more time than smaller prints. Rush options are available.

The three mounting systems for dye-infused aluminum prints are shown below:

Mounting Systems for dye-infused aluminum prints

  • 0.5" Floating Frame with Sawtooth Hanger

    0.5" Floating Frame with Sawtooth Hanger

  • 0.75" Inset Frame with Wire Hanger and French Cleat

    0.75" Inset Frame with Wire Hanger and French Cleat

  • 1.25" Inset Frame with Wire Hanger and French Cleat

    1.25" Inset Frame with Wire Hanger and French Cleat

Paper Prints

Paper prints are exactly what they sound like. They are printed on Fuji Luster Paper, and typically ship flat. They are usually delivered within a week of when an order is placed. You will be responsible for matting and / or framing these photos yourself. Bear in mind that a nice frame can be quite expensive, and as a general rule, although my aluminum prints cost more than my paper prints, once a paper print has been matted and framed, the cost is frequently higher than that of an aluminum print, which is shipped with a mounting system so no framing is required.

Lumachrome Acrylic

Lumachrome Acrylic prints are the best of the best, and are found hanging in the finest galleries in art destinations worldwide. Details in photos printed on Lumachrome appear to emerge in 3D from the depths of the image, thanks to the transparency layer that is infused with iridium particles, and encapsulated in a layer suspended between the white poly surface and acrylic. They ship with your choice of 1/8" optically clear acrylic, which maximizes the 3D effect, or 1/8" low-reflection P99 UV acrylic that greatly reduces reflection and glare, and is a good choice if the piece will be hung in a location with bright windows and / or sidelighting. Satin finished edges are included. This gives the edges an invisible clean look that doesn't catch bright reflections and distract from the image like a polished edge does. They come with a 1.35-inch deep Italian-made ROMA floating frame. All my images on Lumachrome are limited editions, and include a signature and edition number in the lower, right hand corner, unless you specifically request that it be omitted. Some of my photos on Lumachrome are available at even larger sizes than my aluminum prints, and typically take about three weeks to deliver.

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