Vertical Panoramas - Glenn Lewis Photography

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Calf Creek Falls

Calf Creek Falls

There are lots of surprises to be found on Utah State Route 12, in the southwest portion of the state. One of those is (Lower) Calf Creek Falls, which is an easy five-mile round trip, and a great way to stretch your legs in the middle of this spectacular 122-mile drive.

Available in the following sizes (Panorama A): 10x20, 12x24, 16x32, 20x40, 24x48, 24x48 Triptych (3 x 24x16), 30x60, 30x60 Triptych (3 x 30x20), 36x72, 36x72 Triptych (3 x 36x24), 40x80, 40x80 Triptych (3 x 40x27), 48x96, 48x96 Triptych (3 x 48x32).

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