Extremely Large Prints - Glenn Lewis Photography
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Bjarnarfoss is Icelandic for Bear Falls (or Bear Waterfall), which is odd because there are no bears on Iceland. Apparently, though, polar bears have historically ended up on or near the island, having drifted over on icebergs originating in Greenland. A 260 foot tall, 2 section waterfall, Bjarnarfoss can be seen from Highway 54, on the south side of the Snaefellsnes peninsula. The fog caused by the waterfall sometimes causes a rainbow to be visible near the lower portion of the falls – in fact, if you look closely, one is ever-so-slightly visible in front of the lower drop.

Available in the following sizes: 10x20, 12x24, 16x32, 20x40, 24x48, 24x48 Triptych (3 x 24x16), 30x60, 30x60 Triptych (3 x 30x20), 36x72, 36x72 Triptych (3 x 36x24), 40x80, 40x80 Triptych (3 x 40x27).


From Iceland