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A Different View at Zion's Canyon Overlook

A Different View at Zion's Canyon Overlook

Zion National Park's “Canyon Overlook” hike is relatively short and easy, and leads to one of the more famous views of the park. Just Google “Zion Canyon Overlook” and you'll see plenty of beautiful photos of this location. I went here on the evening of April 16, 2017, with hopes of creating my own version of this famous shot, but the skies that evening weren't particularly spectacular, so instead of going for a mediocre version of this famous view, I turned around and shot some of the surrounding scenery. I ended up quite happy with this shot.

Available in the following sizes (Rectangle B): 12x8, 18x12, 24x16, 30x20, 36x24, 45x30, 60x40, 72x48.

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