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Upstream at The Subway

Upstream at The Subway

I'd been hoping to hike to “The Subway,” which lies in the heart of Southwest Utah's Zion National Park, for about a decade before I was finally able to pull it off on April 18, 2017. A special back-country permit is required to hike here, but the mild annoyance of dealing with this, and the difficulty of the hike itself – I would be lying if I said the hike was anything other than difficult – proved to be completely worth it when I finally reached this unbelievable, natural formation. Obviously named because of the shape of the canyon itself, “The Subway” simply must be seen to be believed.

Available in the following sizes (Rectangle B): 12x8, 18x12, 24x16, 30x20, 36x24, 45x30, 60x40, 72x48.

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