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Mountain Goat 2

Mountain Goat 2

On July 4, 2017, I was treated to a rare and memorable experience. After taking some sunrise photos in the Beartooth Range of northwest Wyoming, I began driving along the spectacular Beartooth Highway, and saw a group of mountain goats in the distance that looked like they were approaching the highway. They were still quite a way off, so I found a place to park, got out of my van, and positioned myself where I guessed they were headed. A short time later, a group of maybe 20 or so mountain goats crested the horizon and continued approaching me. Obviously, they weren't particularly frightened by people, because they got within fifty or so feet of me, but paid me no heed. A great way to start the day!

Available in the following sizes (Rectangle B): 12x8, 18x12, 24x16, 30x20, 36x24, 45x30.

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