Alaska - Glenn Lewis Photography

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Summertime Showshoe Hares

Summertime Showshoe Hares

Denali National Park was one of the highlights of my summer, 2016 trip to Alaska. While there, I camped at Wonder Lake with the intent of shooting Denali – the highest mountain in North America – at sunrise and / or sunset. On the night that I took this particular photo, “The Mountain” was hiding in the clouds, as it does more often than not. Fortunately, the trip was a blast regardless, and as I was walking around in the evening, I saw a ton of snowshoe hares, like the two shown here. They change color with the season, so within a few months, these guys will be pure white.

Available in the following sizes (Rectangle A): 10x8, 14x11, 20x16, 24x20.

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