Inventory Reduction Sale - 2016 - Glenn Lewis Photography

Inventory Reduction Sale - 2016

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Moon and Sun Pagodas

Moon and Sun Pagodas

Available as a glossy, 16" x 24" aluminum print with a 3/4" inset frame. Normal Price: $415. Inventory Reduction sale price: $208.

Guilin's Moon and Sun Pagodas are, in my mind, the only real reason to spend any time in this city of millions. It seems to me that Guilin would have been a beautiful place to visit, as a tourist, twenty years ago. But it now appears to be no different than any other large Chinese city. Fortunately, it is a great place to jump off into some more rural Chinese adventures, and walking around the city at night is worth it if for no other reason that to see the beautiful Moon and Sun Pagodas.

Email or call Glenn at or 970.702.4371 for inquiries or to purchase.