Inventory Reduction Sale - 2016 - Glenn Lewis Photography

Inventory Reduction Sale - 2016

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Millard Falls

Millard Falls

There are two versions of this photo available. Both are glossy, 24" x 16" aluminum prints with a 3/4" inset frame.

Version 1: Normal Price: $415. Inventory Reduction sale price (undamaged): $208

Version 2: Normal Price: $415 Inventory Reduction sale price: $138. Note that this photo is slightly damaged, but it is only apparent upon a close inspection - it will not be noticed upon a casual inspection.

Millard Falls, which lies roughly a mile northeast of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Cañada Flintridge, is a relatively unknown treasure. An easy hike of less than a mile will take one to these beautiful falls, where peace and solitude are abundant.

Email or call Glenn at or 970.702.4371 for inquiries or to purchase.