Inventory Reduction Sale - 2016 - Glenn Lewis Photography

Inventory Reduction Sale - 2016

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Reddish Egret

Reddish Egret


Available as a semi-gloss, 12" x 8" aluminum print with a 1/2" float frame. Normal Price: $127. Inventory Reduction sale price: $42.

Bolsa Chica Basin State Marine Conservation Area, just outside of Huntington Beach, California, is a bird fan's dream come true. The plethora of birds that spend time at this wetlands area are used to people, since Bolsa Chica is surrounded by development. This means viewers and photographers are more easily able to approach the wildlife in the area without scaring them. This reddish egret was one of many types of beautiful birds I saw while visiting.

Email or call Glenn at or 970.702.4371 for inquiries or to purchase.