Inventory Reduction Sale - 2016 - Glenn Lewis Photography

Inventory Reduction Sale - 2016

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Panamint Panorama

Panamint Panorama

Available as a glossy, 48" x 12" aluminum print with a 3/4" inset frame. Normal Price: $974. Inventory Reduction sale price: $487.

There are no trails to this salty pond in the middle of Badwater Basin, in Death Valley National Park, and finding it was quite a challenge, especially since I tried to do so in the dark, because I wanted to be here at sunrise. All told, I walked about 5 miles on the sometimes muddy, always salty ground, but made it here just as the sun began to illuminate the Panamint Mountain Range. The nearly-full moon completes the panorama.

Email or call Glenn at or 970.702.4371 for inquiries or to purchase.