2017 Inventory Reduction Sale - READ BEFORE ORDERING - Glenn Lewis Photography

2017 Inventory Reduction Sale - READ BEFORE ORDERING

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Willet Reflection - 14" x 11" - $62

Willet Reflection - 14" x 11" - $62

This 14" x 11" photo is semi-glossy, and comes with a 3/4" inset frame with wire hanger on the back. The normal cost of this piece is $154, but due to minor scratches on the edges of the photo (only visible upon a detailed inspection), it is marked down 60%, to $62 plus shipping.

Shortly after sunrise and shortly before sunset are great times to photograph wildlife. This is because the light is frequently bright enough to illuminate animals while hitting them horizontally, which helps to bring out colors that are sometimes obscured in mid-day lighting conditions. Here we see a willet that I spotted in Bolsa Chica Basin State Marine Conservation Area, outside of Huntington Beach, California. It amazed me how still the water was when I took this photo – at first glance, the reflection is almost clear enough to confuse the viewer in regards to which direction is actually up.