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Sunrise at Observation Point

Sunrise at Observation Point

Perhaps the most famous hike in Zion National Park is Angel's Landing. As of when I took this photo, on April 19, 2017, I have yet to hike Angel's Landing, which takes one high up into the main canyon of Zion National Park. The views from this location are supposed to be superb. And if one looks closely at this photo, the viewpoint ultimately reached from the Angel's Landing hike is visible. It is on the knife-edge of a canyon wall about 1/3 of the way into the photo from the left. One can imagine the view here must be wonderful. There is, however, one viewpoint of the canyon that arguably offers even better views – Observation Point, the location from which I took this photo. I made it here before sunrise, so that I could look south and west into the canyon as the first light of the day began to illuminate the east-facing walls. Quite a wonderful way to spend the morning.

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