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LA and the Sixth Street Viaduct at Sunset

LA and the Sixth Street Viaduct at Sunset

I took this photo of Los Angeles' Sixth Street Viaduct, the iconic bridge shown here, at sunset, spanning the Los Angeles River, as part of a project I worked on called the LA River Trek. The bridge began being demolished in February, 2016. I took this photo on February 5, 2016, and count myself lucky to have been able to see it under such beautiful conditions as afforded by the day's last light. The replacement bridge, currently known as the “Ribbon of Light,” is scheduled to be completed in 2019.

Available in the following sizes: 10x30, 12x36, 16x48, 16x48 Triptych (3 x 16x16), 20x60, 20x60 Triptych (3 x 20x20), 24x72, 24x72 Triptych (3 x 24x24)

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