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Wrangell Mountains

Wrangell Mountains

Alaska's Wrangell-St. Elias National Park is the second largest National Park in the country, occupying over 20,000 square miles. The Park is accessed by one of two dirt roads, which allow access to lakes, camp sites, streams, and day-hikes. I took this photo from the northern road into the park, looking south towards the Wrangell Mountains. The Wrangell Mountains, although quite close to the Gulf of Alaska, are some of the highest in North America.

Available in the following sizes: 12x30, 16x40, 20x50, 24x60, 24x60 Triptych (3 x 20x24), 30x75, 30x72 Triptych (3 x 24x30), 36x90, 36x90 Triptych (3 x 30x36), 43x108 Triptych (3 x 36x43)

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