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Grizzly Cubs in Denali

Grizzly Cubs in Denali

I knew Denali National Park would be one of my favorite places in Alaska before I visited it during the summer of 2016, but I thought it would be a highlight more for the scenery than the wildlife. Fortunately, both the scenery and wildlife were spectacular. No private vehicles are allowed on the one road that goes 90 miles into the Park – instead, visitors must go in on one of the shuttles that are operated by the Parks Service. I got extremely lucky on an early morning bus ride coming back towards civilization from Wonder Lake Campground, and was treated to a mother grizzly and her two cubs walking alongside the road. They were unfamiliar to the Parks employees, who hadn't seen this particular family of bears yet this year. Watching them wander around, play, and eat was one of my favorite experiences in Alaska.

Available in the following sizes (Rectangle B): 12x8, 18x12, 24x16, 30x20.

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