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Forest Fire Sunset at the Tetons

Forest Fire Sunset at the Tetons

Several small forest fires plagued Grand Teton National Park in late September, 2009, when I took this photo. The smoke from these fires had made daytime shots of the majestic Teton Range dull, and I had nearly given up on getting any memorable shots on this particular day, when I decided to check out the view from Signal Mountain, above Jackson Lake, in the middle of this beautiful National Park. As the sun set, the skies seemed to ignite, and I walked away thrilled that I'd been able to capture the beauty of such a majestic and unique circumstance.

Available in the following sizes (Panorama C): 30x10, 36x12, 48x16, 48x16 Triptych (3 x 16x16), 60x20, 60x20 Triptych (3 x 20x20), 72x24, 72x24 Triptych (3 x 24x24).

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